Rosario adheres to all required policies and regulations.

Child Protection Policy:

Rosario is fully committed to ensure the care, welfare and safety of the young people who come to our centre. We will seek to carry out this responsibility in a caring, supportive and safe environment. We will value young people as individuals, with unique gifts and talents, and we aim to “foster the personal, social and spiritual development of each young person” in our care.  We therefore dedicate ourselves to take all necessary and reasonable measures to protect the young people in our care from the risk of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

We will endeavour to safeguard the young people in our care by:

  • Adopting child protection guidelines through a code of behaviour for staff and volunteers;
  • Sharing information about child protection and good practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers;
  • Sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, and involving parents and children appropriately;
  • Following carefully the procedures for recruitment of staff and volunteers; and
  • Providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training


Our policy and practice is reviewed at regular intervals.

Code of Conduct for parents & guardians

  • Children & young people should be encouraged to
  • Do their best, put in their best effort
  • Improve and develop their skills
  • Make friends
  • Play by the rules
  • Appreciate/accept everyone in the group, regardless of ability, race, religion, gender, etc

Parents/guardians play an important role in promoting children’s happiness and success in football. Parental expectations and behaviour have a significant bearing children’s attitude and behaviour while participating in football.

Parents/guardians need to be aware of why children want to play football. Children want to learn new skills, make new friends, be part of a group, to win and be successful, experience challenges and excitement.

Whilst winning is important, it must be remembered that winning at all costs does not meet the needs of players. Results are not necessarily a good indicator of coaching effectiveness or ability. The improvement of players and their level of enjoyment is.

Code of Conduct for coaches

Rosario YFC adopts a player centred approach:

  • Act as good role models
  • Encourage and be positive during training sessions and matches so that players can leave with a sense of achievement
  • Set challenging but achievable goals
  • Plan and prepare each session appropriately and ensure proper levels of supervision
  • Ensure that all activities are inclusive and allow all players to participate in an enjoyable way.
  • Place paramount importance upon the welfare and enjoyment of the players, not winning or achieving results
  • Apply the principles of fair play, treating each player equally with dignity and respect, and ensuring that all players play within the rules of the club.
  • Be aware of the developmental stages and needs of the players.
  • Avoid over-training and over-emphasis on competition
  • Involve parents/guardians and other club members in what you do.
  • Be qualified and up-to-date with the latest coaching knowledge and skills
  • Attend the monthly managers forum to discuss and assist in the development of the club.
Communication and Social Network Policy

The Club recommends that Members adhere to the following guidelines:-


  1. Members are personally responsible for the content they publish on-line, whether in a blog, social computing site or any other form of user-generated media, being mindful that what is published will remain in the public domain for an indefinite period. Members should be quick to correct their own mistakes.

  2. Members should identify themselves in social media correspondence with their name when discussing matters related to the Club. The Member must make it clear that he/she is making a statement in his/her personal capacity and not on behalf of the Club.

  3. Should members publish content online relevant to the Club in their personal capacity, the following disclaimer should be used: "The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the Club’s position, or opinion."

  4. Respect copyright and all other Intellectual Property Rights. In particular, Members must not use the logos, crest or marks of the Club unless given prior approval by the Management Committee.

  5. Don't publish confidential or other proprietary information belonging to the Club and refrain from discussing sensitive Club matters publicly.

  6. Do not publish anything that might allow inferences to be drawn which could embarrass or damage the reputation of the Club or another member.

  7. Members must have respect for their audience. Ethnic, political or religious slurs, personal insults and obscenities should never be used. Engaging in any conduct that would not be acceptable when representing or playing for the Club is forbidden. Proper consideration should be shown for the privacy of others and topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory, such as politics and religion, should be avoided.

  8. Should a Member of the Club identify themselves as such, he/she should ensure his/her profile and related content is consistent with how he/she wishes to present himself/herself and the Club to fellow Members and non members.

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